First Aids

What to do:


1.-Immediately after the bite and before the first 3 minutes, try to extract the poison mechanically aided with a syringe or extractor. If more than 5 minutes have passed, DO NOT try to extract the poison, it will only hurt the injured person and it will not help you at all. Note: The use of the extractor does not exempt from medical treatment.

2.-Call the Medical Service (Local Emergency Phone) and, if this is not possible, transport the injured person to the nearest hospital. When moving it do not drive to speeding, remember that many people die by a car accident than by snake bite. Besides the injured person has at least 6 hours to get to the hospital, you do not need to run.

3.-If you could get in contact with the medical service, provide the following information: Bite time, age and sex of the injured person, village or address where the incident occurred, size and type of the snake if seen.

4.-Reassure the affected person at all times and raise her/his spirits, remind him/her of important things worth living for. Prevents physical exertion and lay her/him down.

5.- Remove watches, rings, chains, belts and tight clothing that prevents the free circulation of blood, especially where the person was bitten.

6.-Keep the injured person well hydrated (only water). Keep reading.




1.-DO NOT perform cuts, you can cause a hemorrhage.

2.-Do not cauterize the wound.

3.-DO NOT suck the poison, it is more likely that you produce an infection or that you can also get poison.

4.-DO NOT make a tourniquet, the venom will be concentrated and may need amputation.

5.-DO NOT give any tranquilizing medicine, alcohol, drugs, or food.

6.-DO NOT seek to catch or kill the aggressor snake, you could also be bitten and it is proven that the second bite of the same snake in the same event, is much more dangerous. If the snake is present and you have a camera on hand, take a photo in the distance, do not lose sight of it and wait for the rescue team to arrive and be the ones who handle the situation.

7.-DO NOT try to take the aggressor snake with your hands, even if the snake seems dead or its head has been cut off.

8.-DO NOT trust healers or traditional methods, always take the injured to the hospital as soon as possible. The only way to save the life of the injured is with the antidote.

9.-DO NOT put ice directly into the wound.

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