Attack Prevention

Prevention in the countryside

1.-Always wear high and thick boots in the countryside, and if your job requires you to walk on rocky terrain, grasslands and bushes, consider getting Suricata® ARCTODUS® protective gaiters.

2.-When moving on rocky terrain or with a lot of vegetation do not run, walk with tranquility and preferably with company, as the vibrations of your steps will allow snakes that could be found in that area withdraw or shelter before you could find them.

3.-Do not put your hands under logs, cracks, firewood or rocks without first finding out if there is a snake under or inside them.

4.-Extreme precautions in the rainy season, and on wet nights, especially in the months of May to October, which coincide with the mating season of snakes and is when they are more susceptible to biting. Keep reading.

5.-When you find a snake, without the hassle on trying to capture it or kill it, you could suffer a bite, do not approach it and if you do it to photograph it, always take care you could have more than one snake, or the possibility to slip if the ground its muddy, slippery or litter.

6.-Even if a snake seems sick, asleep or dead, do not trust it and never try to catch or manipulate it with your hands.


As population and cities grow, they invade the natural territory of wildlife and incidents in backyards of houses or in businesses are becoming more frequent.


Snakes frequent human constructions for two main reasons: shelter and food. Therefore, they are generally found when stones, boards or construction debris are lifted that serve as a refuge for them or their prey such as rodents and lizards. Therefore preventive actions should be aimed at preventing conditions for snakes or their prey to find shelter in human constructions. Therefore, these are the recommendations.




1.-Weeding the garden and the pots, this will prevent the prey of the snakes to find this type of shelter.

2.-Remove from the vicinity of warehouses, mounds of stones, firewood or branches, garbage or debris, or anything else that could serve as food for rodents.

3.-Sealing the grooves or holes in the wall where a snake could enter, considers that they are very skilled to do so, and that a snake can easily fit through a very small opening.

4.-For the same cause, place plastic eyelashes in the spaces between the doors and the floor.

5.-It is recommended to fill or remove any holes in the ground, however small.

6.-Consider having pets like cats or dogs, these will frighten the snakes and their prey.

7.-Remember that most species of snakes are in danger of extinction and that the benefits that they represent are greater than the risk of being bitten, and that if you follow the above advice, the probability that a snake will enter your facilities is minimal, however, if this happens, call the emergency number of your locality and trained personnel will visit you to remove the animal and respect your life.

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