Who uses this equipment?
Surveyors, geologists, agronomists, biologists, hunters, explorers, well drillers, livestock farmers, campers, field workers, or anyone who is going to perform an outdoor activities in areas of possible encounter with snakes.

The ARCTODUS Pangolin V1.0 Apron provides protection in the body torso, it is the complement of your ARCTODUS Suricata V4.0 Gaiters ó ARCTODUS Monarch Mangal V1.0. Ideal for field and laboratory work.

  • Provides protection in the body torso.
  • Protect spines from cacti and shrubs.
  • Can be used in the field as in laboratory.

Specification Value
Weight MEDIUM SIZE: 830gr. (±) 5%
Dimensions Size MEDIUM: 72cm x 92cm (±) 1cm
Thickness 1.12mm, (+/- 0.7mm)
Colors Gray and Orange
Caracteristics It closes behind with a harness system with 25mm wide straps and is adjusted with a buckle at waist height.
Front reflective bands 50 mm wide
Posterior reflective bands 10 mm de wide
Pockets Radio door in upper left front, flat bag in upper right front, where you can store documents, keys, etc.


Before storing:

Wash and make sure they are well dried to prevent fungal formation. Store in a cool place and out of reach of: rodents, heat sources, sunlight, UV light, chemical solvents and fire.

Before using:

Make sure your equipment has not been attacked by the above elements, which damage the physical and molecular structure of the textile fibers that make up your gaiters.

Washing instructions:

Remove dirt and mud with a soft brush. Wash with cold water. Use neutral soap. Rinse thoroughly twice. Dry in the shade. Do not iron.

Leather aprons need to be very thick to stop snakes fangs, making them heavy. In addition, when they dry, after wetting, they tend to harden and crack creating weak spots that are a hazard to the user. The ARCTODUS Apron Pangolin V1.0 is flexible.

Of a synthetic textile derived from polyamides with high resistance to tension and abrasion. The material is manufactured under strict standards to guarantee its quality at all times.

There is no comparison between a fang and an industrial needle. The fang is conical, hollow, brittle and made of calcium; Is made to puncture soft tissue only and the snake removes them immediately when it feels that it is biting something harder, since they pierce by the momentum generated at the beginning of the attack and not by the force of closing the jaws. On the other hand, industrial needles are designed to drill thick materials and tight fabrics. They are made of alloy steel to the high carbon and there are even of platinum, metals that perforate even to other metals; Are solid and have tempered tips, in addition to being driven by engine mechanisms that give penetration force dozens of times greater than could develop a snake attacking.

Of course yes. In fact the tests performed on the ARCTODUS Apron PANGOLÍN V1.0 with rattlesnakes are made repeated attacks without major problem. So only a tear that completely opened a groove in some layer would make it vulnerable, but such damage could only be made by a sharp object, not a fang.


  • 1 month in terms of defects in labor and materials, will be corrected at no cost to the buyer through repair.
  • The warrant does not cover wear and tear of the equipment for everyday of use, as well as misuse due to negligence or human error.
  • The shipping costs generated to make valid the equipment warrantly will be covered by the buyer.
  • The equipment will be repaired in our facilites, dirty equipment will not be acepted.
  • The laboratory of ARCTODUS will carry out the investigaciones that are considered necessary to judge if it applies the guarantee.