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Our history

In 2002, production began with the first version of ARCTODUS V1.0 Suricata Gaiters. In 2006 we obtained a certification from the Desert Museum in Saltillo, Coahuila. In 2012 we started the production of ARCTODUS V1.0 Mongoose Chaps and ARCTODUS V1.0 Pangolin Apron, at the same time we continue with the success of the ARCTODUS V4.0 Suricata Leggings. We participate by supporting events with different associations and educational institutions, both public and private, as well as within the industries providing workshops and training in the management of poisonous animals as well as the use of protective equipment.

Why Arctodus?

Our Products

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Protecting your Life


Most venomous snake attacks could have been avoided if the victim had had adequate information about their biology, way of living and reactions to these fantastic but dangerous animals. The mission of the Arctodus team is to avoid or at least reduce the rate of accidents caused by attacks of venomous snakes and that is why we offer our two workshops: Preventive Training and the Workshop on handling and identification of snakes.


Miners, Geologists, Surveyors, Agronomists, Foresters, Biologists, Firemen, Squads, Civil Protection, Hunters and Scouts.

To Who?

To any person who develops some type of activity in places recognized as habitat of venomous snakes.


Because you will be professionally trained and informed in how to act properly in an emergency related to the handling or attack of venomous snakes.

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