Who uses this equipment?
Surveyors, geologists, agronomists, biologists, hunters, explorers, well drillers, livestock farmers, campers, field workers, or anyone who is going to perform an outdoor activities in áreas of possible encounter with snakes.

  • They are completly flexible what it makes them more comfortable.
  • When they are stored and transported they do not take up much space.
  • They wear without having to take off their boots; On the pants
  • It’s weigth is less than any other available in the market
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Resistant to humidity

Specification Value
Universal Size No matter your height, the snake tends to bite at the height of calf mediation.
Dimensions Cane height: 41.60 cm, (+/- 4.5 mm) / Cane width: 50.60 cm (+/- 5.0 mm)
Instep protector 8.65 cm (+/- 4.0mm)
Knee Pad 10.70 cm (+/-3.0 mm)
Thickness 1.12 mm, (+/- 0.07 mm)
Perimeter 45.10 cm (+/- 4.0 mm)
Colors Gray, Olive Green and Orange
Caracteristics They are closed at the back with velcro tape system of 5.00 cm (+/- 2 mm) wide x 39.00 cm. (+/- 4.5 mm) in length.
Weight 540 grams per pair. (+/- 5.0 gr)


Before storing:

Wash and make sure they are well dried to prevent fungal formation. Store in a cool place and out of reach of: rodents, heat sources, sunlight, UV light, chemical solvents and fire.

Before using:

Make sure your equipment has not been attacked by the above elements, which damage the physical and molecular structure of the textile fibers that make up your gaiters.

Washing instructions:

Remove dirt and mud with a soft brush. Wash with cold water. Use neutral soap. Rinse thoroughly twice. Dry in the shade. Do not iron.

Leather gaiters need to be very thick to stop snakes fangs, and therefore they are heavy. In addition, when they dry after wetting they tend to harden and crack, creating weak spots that are a risk to the user. The rigid plastic leggings do not allow the heat to leave, so they are very uncomfortable on hot days, and it should be mentioned that because they are rigid they prevent movement easily and make a lot of noise when brushing the weeds in the field, as they have no grip at Instep is easy to be rotated on the limb, also because of its design are difficult to put and very easy to remove, to the degree that a branch can remove them and remain these in the way sometimes without the user even notice. ARCTODUS SURICATA v4.0 Leggings are flexible, lightweight, because of their closure system they do not open and are not affected by repeated water contact.

The height at which a snake attacks very rarely exceeds 30cms. From the ground, since it is the height in which the rattlesnake or rattlesnake can be held erect to defend itself. The ARCTODUS SURICATA v4.0 Gaiters cover up to a height of 50cms. From the ground, so they give a good margin of extra safety, in addition to being provided with knee pads that increase the protected surface.

Just as a special fabric stops bullets, the high-tech textiles are designed based on the specific use that is going to be made. For this reason, there are fabrics like the Kevlar that, when made in several thick layers, can withstand the impact of bullets without defibration. Likewise, the fabric of the gaiters is designed, both in it’s fabric and in it’s resistance, to prevent the fangs of a snake can pierce it.

Of course yes. In fact the tests performed on the Suricata gaiters with rattlesnakes are made repeated attacks without major problem. The gaiters are composed of several textile layers that prevent the passage of fangs, so that only a tear that completely opens a groove in some layer would make them vulnerable, but such damage could only make a sharp object, not a fang.


  • 1 month in terms of defects in labor and materials, will be corrected at no cost to the buyer through repair.
  • The warrant does not cover wear and tear of the equipment for everyday of use, as well as misuse due to negligence or human error.
  • The shipping costs generated to make valid the equipment warrantly will be covered by the buyer.
  • The equipment will be repaired in our facilites, dirty equipment will not be acepted.
  • The laboratory of ARCTODUS will carry out the investigaciones that are considered necessary to judge if it applies the guarantee.